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5 Great Calgary Coffee Shops for Meetings & Work Sessions

Whether your an entrepreneur, a downtown worker, or a student, everyone needs a little change of work-scenery once in a while. What better way to get out of the office than to check out some of Calgary’s great urban coffee shops.  Now we understand that not all coffee shops are created alike when it comes to workspaces, meeting worthy spaces, and even wifi access so we’ve put together a list of our fave spots for your breakfast meeting or afternoon coffee shop work session in Calgary’s inner city.

5 Great Calgary Coffee Shops for Meetings & Work Sessions in the Inner City

1. Caffe Artigiano 4th Street (Mission) – 2008 4 St SW

This newly opened Caffe Artigiano location has great (read: speedy) wifi and lots of table space if you’re looking for a productive coffee shop workday.  The large space is a little less hectic (and quieter) than it’s 4th Street Coffee Shop neighbours, making it great for business meetings over coffee.

2. Rosso Coffee Roasters Arriva Tower (Victoria Park) – 425, 11 Ave S.E

Meeting a client or business partner in Victoria Park? Check out Cafe Rosso in a quaint location at the base of the Arriva Tower for some great tasting espresso made from house roasted beans.  Looking to get the creative juices flowing? Grab some inspiration for your work day from the collection of local artwork showcased on the cafe walls.

3. Phil & Sebastian’s Simmons Building (East Village) – 618 Confluence Way SE

The brand new Phil & Sebastian’s in the restored Historic Simmons Building is a sight for sore eyes and the building’s architecture and unique interior design will surely inspire you to do some of your best work. With ample seating, free wifi, and lots of power outlets it’s pretty easy to find a nice spot to hunker down for the afternoon in their state-of-the-art concept café.

Bonus – If you need a break from your coffee workday, walk across the building to Sidewalk Citizen Bakery and grab a delicious lunch or an afternoon treat and take it outside to the River Walk for a sunny picnic.

4. Waves Coffee House (17th Ave/Lower Mount Royal) – 602 17th Ave S.W

Waves Coffee Houses were some of the first coffee shops to offer large format coffee houses and free wifi, allowing customers to come in and meet with friends/clients, or hang out for a work/study day. The location on 17th Avenue is no different and features lots of space and tables as well as outlets if your looking to plug in your laptop for the morning.  But that’s not all… We are especially excited about Waves’ upstairs meeting room that can be booked by the hour by customers looking for a place to hold a larger business meeting, student group work session or club meeting. As they aptly put it: “Not every conversation in a coffee shop is meant to be overheard by your coffee-loving, tea-drinking, panini-eating neighbours! ”

At $20/hr this is an affordable way for entrepreneurs to have professional group meetings behind closed doors. Customers can email Waves to make advanced meeting room bookings.

5. Higher Ground (Kensington) – 1126 Kensington Rd. N.W.

The Higher Ground has long been a Kensington institution and is usually buzzing with people working away on laptops, studying for that final or brainstorming their next business venture with a few co-conspirators. If you thrive on group energy and love seeing others at work around you, this location is a must for you. A warning that you may need to wait a few minutes for a table if you arrive during busy hours, but we guarantee the energy boost you’ll get from any one of their many sweet caffeinated & organic drink options (we recommend the Mount Everest!) will very likely be worth the wait.


Aug 12, 2015

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