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Enjoying the last few days of summer in Calgary

With the summer coming to a close and the days getting shorter, you may be starting to feel that post summer depression already starting to set in.  But there isn’t any real reason to worry just yet, Calgary has had some beautiful Septembers over the past few years and there’s no shortage of summer activities to draw out a few more weeks of fun.

Here are a few ways to savour those last few long days of summer;

  • Visit St. Patrick’s Island – If you haven’t visited it already, or seen us raving about it in our instagram feed, you have to check out this beautiful urban oasis just steps away from downtown Calgary.  St. Patrick’s Island has been rejuvenated as a part of the massive revitalization of Calgary’s East Village and we have to say that they couldn’t have done a better job.  For a listing of events going down on the island, visit this link.
  • Float the Bow – Floating down the Elbow or Bow River is a time honoured tradition in Calgary as a way to lay back, relax, and soak up the sun.  With a cheap $20 raft from Canadian Tire or a rental from Lazy Day Raft Rentals and some creative use of a Car2Go, floating the river is a chill and fun way to spend a few hours on an easy going Sunday afternoon.
  • Visit Winsport Canada – A lot of people don’t know about it, but Winsport Canada, more popularly known as Canada Olympic Park is a hotspot for things to do in the summer and winter.  Enjoying Skyline Luge, Zip Lining, Bobsledding, mini-golf, mountain biking, and visiting the Canadian Sports Hall of Fame can easily fill an entire September long weekend.
  • Ride your bike – Calgary is quickly becoming one of the most bicycle friend cities in Canada.  With an expansive pathway system, bike lanes, and a long list of great spots to visit throughout the inner city, enjoying these last few days of summer can be as simple as getting on two wheels.  Mike’s Bloggity has put together this great guide to enjoying Calgary by bike.

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Aug 19, 2015

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