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Over the past several years new residential developments in Calgary’s inner city have attracted thousands of residents and given birth to a vibrant urban scene alive with restaurants, fitness studios, cafe’s, and public spaces. To figure out just what makes inner city living so attractive, simply ask any of YYC’s new urbanites.

Meet Jessica D’Angelo and Ian Jeffrey, a newly engaged couple living in the heart of Victoria Park in the Keynote Building. We had ice cream earlier this week with Jess and Ian to find out why they love living downtown and to get the *scoop* on their favourite urban spaces.

unnamed1. How long have you both lived in Calgary?

We’ve both lived in Calgary our entire lives!

2. What’s your profession?

I’m an Administrator for Red River Oil Inc and Ian is a Service Advisor for Airdrie Dodge Jeep.

3. What made you decide to live just steps away from the city’s core?

I moved to the core 2 years ago because I loved the idea of walking to work, being across the street from the Saddledome and Stampede grounds, Arts Commons, and a 5 minute walk from the vibrant 17th Avenue where tons of new restaurants, bars and coffee shops are constantly popping up.

Ian moved downtown because I refused to leave! He loves the same things though, especially how convenient it is to access the paths.

4. Taking that last question a bit further, what do you love most about your community and downtown living?

Our community is full of young professionals and it truly feels like everyone is so happy to live here and that we all really take advantage of what the core has to offer.

We love walking our dog to Central Memorial park which is a hidden gem and is so beautiful. We also love heading down to St. Patrick’s island which is right near Village Ice Cream, and that’s just a stones throw away from home.

Oh, and Sunterra Market is a second home to us, its in the ground floor of the Keynote Building so we absolutely love the convenience of picking up whatever we need for that nights dinner on the way home from work. I love that I never have to drive anywhere!

5. What’s your favourite restaurant for a night out on the town?

The Coup is always our go to! We had a really great night at Native Tongues this summer as well.  And we love Una!

6. How about your favourite place to make your way over to for Sunday morning brunch?

Definitely the Beltliner on 12th and Sidewalk Citizen in the Simmons Building.

7. Are you sports and fitness people? Or arts and culture? Or all of the above?

We are all of the above. It is very important to us to get our runs in on the pathways, and so convenient to take our road bikes out leaving from the condo. We go to Flames games too! I’m very much into arts and culture and I always attend the performances at Arts Commons and Vertigo Theatre. I also recently started a Crash Course in contemporary art offered through the Esker Foundation in Inglewood.

You also can’t forget The High Performance Rodeo which is always a must, and we both really enjoyed Beakerhead this year.

8. What’s your favourite place to sweat? Will people find you outdoors taking advantage of the pathways? Or indoors at a spin or yoga studio?

We take full advantage of the pathways and are often sweating it out in the condo gym. We are those crazy people who go at 5am. We have also recently started doing yoga at Junction 9 which we love.

9. Where do you see yourselves living five years from now?

We will start looking for a house in the next year or so and would like to stay as close to the core as we can. We really love Ramsay but will look everywhere along the outskirts of downtown. It is important to us to stay close to the pathways and to keep our commutes to and from work short.

10. Do you have the honeymoon planned yet? Care to share where you’ll be headed?

Yes! We are so excited about this. We plan to spend a week in France seeing Paris and Nice. Then we will head to Florence and start a 6 day guided bike tour through Tuscany and fly out of Rome!

Thanks for chatting Jess!  And we’ll see you around downtown!

Oct 4, 2015

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