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Mission – Calgary’s Trendiest Community

Nestled in the SW quadrant of Calgary’s inner city lies the quaint and trendy community of Mission. This vibrant community borders the elbow river and boasts an eclectic mix of shops, restaurants, parks and recreation centres. Although it was one of the communities most impacted by Calgary’s tragic flood this past Summer, Mission is still one of the city’s most sought after communities to live in.

Walking distance to 17th ave, downtown, the Elbow River, and 4th Street BRZ, everything in Mission is easily accessible and incredibly convenient. Its mix of boutiques, coffee shops, and various restaurants are almost all located on 4th Street which gives Mission a very small town feel even though it’s in the heart of our big city.

Eats: The choices of where and what to eat in Mission are vast. Mission is home to some of Calgary’s trendiest dining spots including Añejo Restaurant and Tequila Lounge, Famoso Neapolitan Pizzeria, Aida’s Mediterranean Bistro, and Candela Lounge to name a few. Whether it’s breakfast, lunch , coffee or dinner, Mission has it – with a lively night life to boot.

Nature: Mission borders the Elbow river and is surrounded by numerous parks and pathways. In this neighbourhood, owning a car is not a requirement, but owning a bike might be. In Mission there are a plethora of bike paths, parks and trails to appreciate.

Recreation: The outdoorsy semblance of Mission already implies it’s active nature. However, if the outdoors – especially in the winter- is not your thing, there are plenty of other options in this community.

In Mission there are two yoga studios, a spin studio, a Pilates centre, multiple gyms and the Talisman Centre – one of Calgary’s most impressive recreational facilities.

In a nut shell – Mission has it all – Calgary’s trendiest community. Also, check out of Mission’s amazing listings.

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Apr 11, 2014

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