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New Condo Association in Alberta

A new condo association just launched to help condo owners with improving their experience with condo living. They’re called Alberta Condo Owners Association (ACOA) and it costs $20 annually to join.

Here are some of the ways they can help you by joining:

  • Represent all registered Alberta condominium owners with a united, far-reaching and focused voice on major condominium issues important to you and your finances.
  • Work with all types and levels of Government to make positive and progressive changes to the Condominium Act and condominium living.
  • Communicate with management companies, boards and owners on how to be:  compliant with the Condominium Act and condo bylaws; how to write professional, appropriate and transparent board minutes so the condo complex history is complete, accurate and transparent for all to see;  aware of protecting the privacy of individuals involved with corporation ownership or business transactions.
  • Communicate with management companies, boards and owners on their responsibility to contributing to a high quality condo lifestyle.
  • Provide a communication platform for condominium owners to tell their story, provide potential solutions, to be heard by service providers.
  • Consolidate key themes and interest areas so as to create discussion papers and presentations to service providers who can take action and positively address areas of owner concern or complaint.
  • Keep you informed of condominium changes that could affect the quality of life for both you and those you care about, your finances, and your personal safety and well-being.
  • Conduct owner surveys on topical issues so as to have your views collected and recorded.
  • Work to keep you current on what you, as an owner, need to know.   We will listen to you and while we might not be able to act on every idea that comes our way, you need to know that if trends start to materialize on topics, we will be “on it”.

For more information go to, and remember we’re Certified Condo Specialists, contact us at 403.478.3258!

Sep 27, 2013

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