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Nite-Tek T20 Review - Part 1 - YouTube.

16/02/35 · Here is part one of my two-part review of the Nite-Tek T20. I purchased this torch from Mark at Nite-Tek back in October and have used it successfully targeting rabbits with the.17HMR. This video. 03/01/33 · Nite-Tek T20ir infrared Illuminator 3 mode model In new condition used once I’m looking for £45 posted. Top. 1 post • Page 1 of 1. Return to “Sales and wanted items, swaps, e.t.c”.

16/01/37 · nite tek nt300 ratting on farm. Ratting with 3 Plummer Terriers Over 100 rats! Severn valley ratters best video yet! 08/01/38 · For Sale: Drone Pro 5X - 10X Post by tahrnz » 26 Sep 2016, 09:32 Putting my Drone Pro up for sale, comes with nite-tek t20ir, mount, battery, charger, video out cable and remote switch which I could never get to work. 13/05/35 · NiteTek T20ir arrived today. So hopefully, a fog free night, I will be out later to play with it on the NE500. 20/01/35 · UPdate, added a Nite-Tek T20ir infrared Illuminator, brought from eBay user marky610, what a difference, fantastic bit of kit. Using the build in IR Illuminator the image is slightly grainy, switch on the the Nite-Tek T20ir infrared Illuminator, WOW image so Sharpe and clear. 10/01/37 · Over kill on the one Vid,Tried to make sure that I finished him off,although I couldnt see him properly.

23/06/35 · Usually if theres a law about selling game its nationwide.the butchers down here will buy them.the e.h are a bunch of cts. Reptile shops pay the best price so ive read on here. 10/12/35 · An hour and a bit, trying out the new N/V homebrew. Frustrating is the word I'd use about this foray. 03/01/36 · take a look at the nite tek nt300 depending on your day scope these will give 300 yds with a 66mm illuminator.i have an nt200200 yds and I have to say it is brilliant for my needs.i also find that my head position is the same so no cranking your neck to see through it.check it out on you tube though the T20ir as in the. Night Vision Hunting Equipment. Night vision equipment is ideal for those who want to practice the sport of hunting. Each one is designed to give you a slightly different experience with your hunt and is also designed to help you in certain situations.

14/01/35 · As the title say I am after a NV spotter for Fox with a decent range 150-200yards. I borrowed a Yukon NVMT but the range is about 50yards or can I mod the IR I have a Yukon Photon fitted to the rifle but require a spotter to aid detection of Charlie before I switch the Photon on. Any help. 21/12/35 · Hello everyone, I'm looking to get into some night vision optics. I've never used anything NV so please excuse my newbiness. What I was originally. 19/03/40 · Any of my search term words; All of my search term words; Find results in. Content titles and body; Content titles only.

23/01/35 · Any of my search term words; All of my search term words; Find results in. Content titles and body; Content titles only. 24/02/37 · kxkirk Members View Profile See their activity. Content Count 334 Joined February 9, 2012; Last visited September 25, 2017; About kxkirk. Rank. Birthday 31/12/1980; Profile Information. Gender. Male. Vauxhall Combo van. kxkirk replied to.

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