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#YYC Weekend Scoop – Top Things to do in Calgary Aug 28-30

Hey YYC, looking for some cool things to do this weekend? There’s always plenty to do around town and with this being the last weekend in August, its important to get out there and take advantage of the great weather we’ll be having!

As always, we love to focus on all the cool things going down in and around urban Calgary. So here’s the scoop!

1. Expo Latino (Downtown, Prince’s Island Park, August 28, 29, 30) – Its all about celebrating Latin culture, music and dance at the 19th annual Expo Latino!  This awesome event is hosted by the Hispanic Arts Society and is widely recognized as the biggest outdoor Latin festival in Western Canada. Performing will be headliners including Oscar Lopez, Gondwana, Bachata duo Monchy, Leoni Torres and more.  Take in some latin culture at this awesome event for just $35!

Details and tickets are available here;

2.  Market Collective (East Village, Riverwalk, August 28, 29, 30) – This great event turns seven this weekend and heads to the East Village.  Incase you didn’t know about it already, Market Collective exists to promote YYC arts and culture and to engage and grow our communities.  Today, Market collective is an amazing community building event that provides exposure to hundreds of local artists, artisans, designers, and musicians.  This week it’ll be right beside the Simmons Building allowing visitors to enjoy some awesome treats from Sidewalk Citizen as they peruse what the market has to offer.

Details available here;

3. Live Music (Downtown, Stephen Ave Summer Stage, August 29) – Soundtown Calgary presents “Generations of Music”. “Burning the Ground” will be performing music of the 1980’s.  The Stephen Ave Summer Stage is a great excuse to find your way downtown to check out Calgary’s coolest pedestrian only avenue.  With live music performances, you can’t go wrong spending lunch here on Saturday.

Details available here.

4.  I Dreamt I was Awake (Downtown, Eau Claire Market, August 29) – A series of photographs by Yuli Sato showcased at Motion Gallery will be on display at Eau Claire Market on Saturday.  To put together a short story of Yuli Sato’s achievements and talent is nearly impossible. Here is a young Calgarian photographer who beautifully captures a sense of nostalgia and sensitivity in her images.  Check it out this weekend!

Details available here.


Aug 28, 2015

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